China Launches Rocket With Their First Space Lab

Rising from the Gobi desert launch site a Chinese Long March 2F rocket has carried China’s first effort at a space lab, the Tiangong-1, aloft. The milestone event occured 29 September 2011 at 13:16 GMT. The lab is expected to take part in rendezvous manuvers to help China develop experience and expertise with these techniques as a foundation for its manned space program.

Orbiting at an altitude of some 350km, the near term goal in a few weeks is the launch of the Chinese Shenzhou 8 unmanned spacecraft for the first test docking.  Next, in 2012, Shenzhou 9 and Shenzhou 10 with astronauts (yuhangyuans) aboard will dock with the Tiangong-1 and enter the new space laboratory.

The forecast service life of Tiangong-1 is approximately two years. Should this initial effort go smoothly China’s promise to build a larger space station by 2020 could come to fruition.


Breaking News: Boeing V-22 Plant Raided By FBI In Drug Bust

Breaking News: Boeing V-22 Plant Raided By FBI In Drug Bust

Published reports claim that Boeing’s Ridley Park, Pennsylvania plant has been raided by the FBI on 29 September 2011. The stories, including a dispatch by the AP, assert that “dozens” have been arrested in a drug ring-related law enforcement effort.


A press conference is expected later in the day. The Boeing plant is the site of some manufacturing of the legendary CH-47 family of Chinook helicopters and the MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft.

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When weather and terrain collude

On 14 September 2008, a Cessna Aircraft Co. U206A aircraft, registered VH-JDQ, with a pilot and two passengers on board, was on a private flight under the visual flight rules (VFR) from Bankstown, NSW, Australia to Archerfield, Qld, Australia with a planned stop at Scone, NSW. The aircraft was reported missing when it did not arrive at Archerfield as expected later that day.

Australian Search and Rescue was notified. The wreckage of the aircraft was located the following day a the top of a 3,800 ft ridge in rugged terrain, approximately 56 km north-north-east of Scone Airport. All three occupants were fatally injured and the aircraft was destroyed. The pilot had purchase the aircraft on the morning of the accident. The previous owner reported meeting with the pilot at Bankstown Airport for a handover of the aircraft, including the aircraft documentation. The previous owner stated that he performed a short check flight with the pilot so that the pilot could become familiar with the aircraft. He also stated that he gave the pilot detailed instructions on how to use the panel-mounted Garmin Global Positioning System (GPS) unit fitted to the aircraft. Read more of this post

Boeing Confirms $22 Billion Order From Lion Air

Boeing is confirming reports that Indonesian carrier Lion Air today will sign a commitment for 201 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and 29 737-900ERs in a transaction worth $21.7 billion at list prices. If finalized, the deal will be the largest commercial aircraft order in Boeing’s history in terms of both dollar value and number of aircraft.

Early yesterday, the White House issued a statement disclosing a slew of aircraft orders for Boeing and Sikorsky from Southeast Asian operators. President Barack Obama is visiting Indonesia this week and is scheduled to witness the official announcement of the Boeing order Friday morning in Bali.

The Lion Air order includes purchase rights for 150 additional aircraft. Aviation Week reported on Nov. 4 that Lion Air had issued a request for proposals to Airbus and Boeing for 200 narrowbody aircraft. Before the latest deal, Lion Air had 115 737-900ERs on order, according to the Aviation Week Intelligence Network.

In addition, Boeing and Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced an order for eight more Boeing 777-300ERs, bringing SIA’s total to 85 777s ordered, including 27 -300ERs. The new order previously was recorded on Boeing’s orders and deliveries website but attributed to an unidentified customer.

The White House also says Sikorsky secured a deal to sell 12 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to Brunei’s military.

Source: Aviationweek

Busy times

Busy times

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