Is space the future of aviation?

From the first space flight to the first moon landing, the first outer space explorers and to future explorers. Each day technology increases the distance of exploration into the unknown. Many people have imagined what space travel would be like and what is actually out there. Being able to include space travel in our everyday activities would be something out of this world.

The furthest human space flight was by Apollo 8 maneuvering around the far side of the lunar orbit. Of course this was achieved 40 odd years ago when technology was slowly beginning to evolve. Today scientists are constantly looking for innovations in space exploration. The question is, will we be able the achieve space flight like the Republic Attack Cruiser or the Star Destroyer or even Chewie’s beloved spacecraft?

In almost every Hollywood Sci-Fiction movies, spacecrafts are able to travel vast distances in a short period of time. They have an endless supply of fuel and most importantly oxygen. One other thing that modern scientists can not yet work out is the ability to control gravity in space.

Is space the future change of modern aviation? Can space travel increase a interest for aviation? Will airports around the world have a space departure and arrival terminal? The problem that ambitious scientists face is the supply of fuel needed for a spacecraft. With the worlds limited resources, it would be hard to have daily regular flights. Unless scientist can come up with a more reliable and renewable fuel source, space flight may be limited. NASA has just ended its space program because of fuel costs and not only for that reason. Building next generation space shuttles would cost a whole lot of money.

Sir Richard Branson is leading the way in giving the opportunity for ordinary people to travel into space. But I wouldn’t be too sure to call people who have bought a ticket, for the maiden flight of Virgin Galactic, ordinary people. In time like everything else, except fuel, the price of space travel will decrease. I’m gonna give it a possible 50 years plus for that to happen but for now people like Richard Branson will surely be cashing in from space tickets. Space tickets… that’s something we might hear often in the next few years and something I have to get used to. Sub orbital travel by Virgin Galactic is just the start of space flight.  I’m sure the days of flying past six different plants is close but not close enough.


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I was fiercely attacked and was being defeated, but the Lord helped me. Psalms 118:13 Reach for the stars, not for anything less.

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