Earth’s Salvation

Hey guys….Ambition to Fly has been stationary for a while now (a very long time) and so far I’ve created a new blog, Earth’s Salvation. I’m working on it so if you have time it would be appreciated if you could check it out. It will be more exciting and of course I will incorporate aviation in most posts. 

The link:

Hope to see you there!



Happy New Year from ambition to fly

Happy new year from ambitiontofly and best wishes for 2012


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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

New Year for ambition to fly

The new year is rolling in fast and ambition to fly is hoping it can expand even more and be recognised as an avition blog.

The ambition to fly motto for 2012 will be

“Every acomplishment starts with the decision to try”

In saying that, what ambition to fly will try to acomplish is:

  • Gain a 1000 followers (That will be a challenge but we so far have 28 followers)
  • Look to gain some revenue for own video productions and other exciting content
  • Create the highest rated content on WordPress (Another challenge that I’m willing to except)
  • Increase work with other aviation blogs – J. R. HAFER AVIATION BLOG and more

2012 will be a busy year in acheiving these goals  for ambition to fly. It would be greatly appreciated if you join ambition to fly for this journey in 2012.

Video of the day – GoPro + F-18 = AWESOME

Thanks to for uploading the video