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2011 – The Year in Review: Top 10 stories (AviationBrief.com)

1. VIDEO: AIR France A380 hits CRJ while taxiing

Video footage emerged showing an Air France Airbus A380 colliding with a Comair Bombardier CRJ700 during taxiing at New York JFK in April. The A380 “ clipped the tail fin ” of the parked Comair jet, causing only “ material damage ” .

2. VIDEO: TU-154 struggles against in-flight oscillation

The video clips below show a TU-154 departing from an air base in Moscow before it appears to encounter problems in lateral and longitudinal control.

It eventually returns to the airfield to land.

3. ANA knocks first 787 into boarding bridge

All Nippon Airways ’ first Boeing 787 , JA801A, suffered slight surface damage to its engine inlet cowl after it hit a passenger boarding bridge, shortly before the aircraft was delivered.

Its Rolls-Royce Trent 1000-powered aircraft suffered only surface damage while ground crew were towing the aircraft. It resumed regular flight tests on 14 October after checks. The inaugural flight for the 787 took place on 26 October with FlightBlogger Jon Ostrower one of its passengers. See his blog archives for the month of October to see how he recorded his ANA 787 experiences.

4.  PICTURE: Crashed helicopter in Bin Laden raid revealed

News reports show the remains of what appears to be a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that crashed in the US military raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May.

The remnants of the helicopter, which include an intact horizontal stabiliser, are shown leaning upside-down against a brick wall with barbed-wire fencing.

5. Stalled, but crew maintained nose-up attitude

In an update to the loss of the A330 over the south Atlantic two years ago, the Bureau d ’ Enquetes et d ’ Analyses (BEA) has detailed the final few minutes of the flight.

BEA said the aircraft climbed from its cruise altitude of 35,000ft (10,675 m) towards 38,000ft and stalled, but added that the flying pilot “ maintained nose-up inputs ” to the controls.

6. An-124 in-flight upset after passing A380 led to 747 conflict

German investigators disclosed preliminary details of a three-way encounter between an Airbus A380, an Antonov An-124 and a Boeing 747-400 near Frankfurt.

The An-124 suffered an in-flight disturbance moments after passing the A380, and subsequently came into conflict with the 747.

7. Bin Laden raid reveals US army helicopter secret

The operation that killed Osama bin Laden on 2 May inadvertently revealed a modification kit that reduces the radar profile of a small number of Sikorsky MH-60Ks operated by US special forces, according to sources familiar with the equipment.

A reduced-signature tail rotor shroud, low-observable treatments and faceted stabilators are visible in news photos of the helicopter, which was destroyed at the scene.

The images led to speculation about the existence of a new stealth helicopter.

8 . Airbus rolls out A320 with sharklets installed

9. ANA 737 rolled near inverted after rudder trim blunder

Japanese investigators detailed the extraordinary in-flight upset involving an All Nippon Airways Boeing 737-700 that resulted in the aircraft banking to a near-inverted attitude.

Flight NH140 from Naha had been cruising at 41,000ft, en route to Tokyo on 6 September, and had been some 43km south of Hamamatsu when the incident occurred.

10. First images of Air France A330 crash site

French investigators released the first images of the wreckage of the Air France Airbus A330-200 that crashed in the South Atlantic in 2009, after discovering the site of the accident after a near two-year search.

The images show the aircraft’s General Electric CF6 engines, sections of the wing and fuselage, and landing-gear.

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Is space the future of aviation?

From the first space flight to the first moon landing, the first outer space explorers and to future explorers. Each day technology increases the distance of exploration into the unknown. Many people have imagined what space travel would be like and what is actually out there. Being able to include space travel in our everyday activities would be something out of this world.

The furthest human space flight was by Apollo 8 maneuvering around the far side of the lunar orbit. Of course this was achieved 40 odd years ago when technology was slowly beginning to evolve. Today scientists are constantly looking for innovations in space exploration. The question is, will we be able the achieve space flight like the Republic Attack Cruiser or the Star Destroyer or even Chewie’s beloved spacecraft?

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Air China Completes First Test Flight Using Biofuel

Air China Ltd. conducted its first trial flight on Fridayof a passenger plane powered by a 50:50 mix of biofuel and traditional aviation fuel, UOP LLC, a Honeywell company (HON), said Friday.

The biofuel used in the trial flight was produced by UOP and PetroChina Co.  from the seeds of tung trees, more widely known as jatropha.

The Air China Boeing 747-400 landed safely at Beijing airport after it burned more than 10 metric tons of biofuel, and after the test, Zhang Hongying, an official with the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said the fuel was now ready to be used for commercial flights, Xinhua news agency reported.

“The flight is a result of a broader effort kicked-off in 2010 by China’s National Energy Administration and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency to address the technical, economic and institutional factors required for the development of a new biofuels industry in China,” UOP said in a statement.

Shen Diancheng, a vice president of PetroChina, said it had taken PetroChina 10 years to overcome the technical barriers of converting the oil extracted from the seeds to fuel that could power airplanes, and that his company is expected to supply 60,000 tons of the fuel annually by 2014.

Boeing first tested a biofuel on a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 jet in early 2008 in London.

Thanks to Fox Business (www.foxbusiness.com)

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Flight trouble for some

When it comes to flying, some people sleep through it as if though they are catching up on some sleep. Others, well they sit in their seat wishing for the plane to to return to earth. I haven’t met anyone like that yet…

From Pithy Pants…

I flew to LA yesterday for work, and I’m about to say something that (I’m sure) will jinx me: I. Had. The. Best. Flight. Ever.

Seriously? I hate flying. Really hate it. I’m pretty sure I’d feel that way just on the basis of how often I do it, but it doesn’t help that in a past walk of life, I was spoiled with First Class tickets and lear jets. Once you’ve seen what’s on the other side of the curtain, it’s kind of hard to go back. Especially when going back means being wedged between a screaming baby and an Arm Rest Hog.

When I fly coach, I’m usually just looking for a safe flight. As a control freak, I spend a fair amount of time concerned that the pilot is either tired or drunk, and that the mechanic was either rushed or frustrated with his employer when he gave our ride the once-over. Every bump of turbulence sends me speculating about how we’ll meet our fiery death. (Will I pass out from a lack of oxygen, or still be conscious when each organ bursts?)