Video of the day – GoPro + F-18 = AWESOME

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Merry Christmas

Well its six more hours before Christmas (Aust. time) and I haven’t got anything to say. I only have this video to share with you before Christmas. I hope you have bought gifts for a special aviator, if you haven’t here is a good pilot shop,

Well its the festive season and if don’t visit ambition to fly until next year I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Boeing 787’s Inaugural Flight Lands in Hong Kong

The first commercial flight for the Boeing 787 was from Tokyo to Hong Kong and it didn’t disappoint arriving on time. The inaugural flight was greeted by aviation firetrucks on the taxiway. This comes after delay of more than three years.

The Boeing 787 looks great and has high expectations from me personally. I’m sure if the Dreamliner succeeds it will enter the list of popular commerical jet such as the Beoing 747’s and 737’s.

Can’t wait to get airborne in a Boeing 787

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Aviation video

Just a small, fun aviation video I’d like to share.

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